Bottle Prep is Very Important

simply put, the better the bottle, the better the photograph


Bottle Preparation

1 - Glass Seams- Take a close look you will find them. This is the most important part of choosing a great bottle. The glass seams needs to be on the side, away from the key light and not running under the label.

2 - Labels - should be straight & clean. If it is not straight I will automatically fix it during retouching for about $10. 

3 - Foils, Caps- check for damage, dents, seam location and logo position. Wax Enclosures - check for good character, color and position.

4 - Liquid Levels - check that they are to your specs.

5 - Locator Dent - very few bottles have these mostly on spirits and magnums, try to find a bottle with it on the back side. 

6 - Tissue Wrap - Tissue wrapping the bottles helps protect the labels from "vibration marking" during transportation.

We only need one bottle if these instructions are followed, thank you.


Photo Proofs

We will email you a 800px tall jpg proof for you're approval.

As soon as you reply with your approval, we will send you the DropBox link that includes small and full size RGB jpg's, KO background png and a full size CMYK tiff for commercial printing, tiff's are roughly 11" at 400dpi.

I can also do WeTransfer if preferred.



Payment is due upon receipt of images. I will bill you and send a DropBox link on approval of all images. Please make all checks out to: Design Inc. Simply include your contact information with check. 


Free Rush

Yes! Payed bottles go to the front of the queue, send a payment of $65/each $75/for whites etc. with your bottle delivery and include your contact info.



Ship your bottles, special instructions and contact information to:

Design Inc, 5020 Rosario Avenue, Atascadero, CA 93422 

We will send you a confirmation email to let you know your bottles have arrived. From CA, AZ, NM, NV, WA, OR, ID, Golden State Overnight (GSO) is the best for about $8-12 - I get delivery by 10am or so.


Local Drop Off  5020 Rosario Ave. Atascadero, CA 93422

Fixing Issues "There are a lot of issues I can fix for a very reasonable price. Digitally or Photographically, I am capable of straightening a crooked label, rotating a foil or cork so the logo is aligned with the front,  adding a missing foil, removing typography, art or upc's, raise, remove or adjusting the air gap and I can equalizing the level of all your air gaps. I'm happy to apply a new label to a shiner, process with white or black backgrounds and shoot the back labels.

If you have a problem I am happy to solve it - "No Problem" - David Mellish